BAZOOKA" Found Object Robot Sculpture Assemblage by Sally Colby View Master

BAZOOKA" Found Object Robot Sculpture Assemblage
Approximately 13" tall. Made by Sally Colby. Signed. Made almost entirely of recycled, vintage, and found objects. Parts include a View Master, vintage toy clown hands, thread spools, and more. No working electronics, just a fun fabulous sculpture. If you would like to see other robots please visit .
The following is from the Cumberland Theater for the Arts Program:
“Sally Colby creates her whimsical robot-like sculptures from found objects. A self proclaimed Tinker, Sally is “inspired by a long time love of kitsch and other old stuff”. Sally’s artwork is a combination of recycling and child’s play. Her life long interest in the arts and the creative process, plus her ability to be a discerning scavenger couples with her sense of humor as shown in the creatures she creates. Sally Colby is a member of the Allegany Arts Council and the Allegany Area Arts Alliance.