BB&S Challenger Pipe From Barlings Circa1970's


I purchased this BB&S Challenger briar pipe many years ago from a Boston pipe shop. I was told it was made by Barlings and was a very good smoking briar. How very true that was! The BB&S Billiard shape has a flat shank and will sit nicely on any table or desk surface without tipping over. As with all my briars, it was broken in properly with only the best English type tobacco which contained no flavor enhancers. It was never abused and shows only slight discoloration on the stem (no bite through) which could easily be polished out. It is about 5 1/2 " long, the inner bowl is about 1 " in diameter and the bowl height is about 1 1/2 ". The pipe was stored in a humidity controlled environment and has not been smoked for 20 years.

The pipe is stamped BB&S 5939 Challenger, London England.

Prior to storage, it was cleaned with Dunhill Pipe Solvent and reamed to the proper "cake"; at least to my standards. I used a "Kleen Reem" Pipe Tool which is a micrometer stainless steel tool with infinite adjustments to fit almost any pipe bowl.

I am parting with some of my cherished pipes at the behest of my wife who finds the smell objectionable. I always thought the essence of fine tobacco was like perfume in the air but one man's preferences
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