A MAGNIFICANT POLISHED SLAB OF FABULOUS ROYAL DESCHUTES PICTURE JASPER, THE NUMBER ONE SCENIC JASPER IN THE WORLD. THE STONE TOOK AN IMMACULATE, MIRROR POLISH. IT HAS NO SOFT SPOTS AND THE DENDRITES ARE PLACED PERFECTLY TO CREATE A FABULOUS SCENE, I CALL IT ROYAL BECAUSE DESCHUTES, ALONG WITH BIGGS HAS LONG BEEN RECOGNIZED AS THE "KINGS" OF PICTURE JASPERS. It measures 4" by 2and 1/2" and is 3/16Th inch thick., much larger than say a golf ball at 1 and 3/4th inch. It has a MIRROR POLISH. ..................................Todays TIPS: The hardness of a stone is only partialy what produces a polish, it is also what the stone is made of. Serephinite for instance is a really very soft stone that takes a brilliant polish. THIS IS A HIGH GRADE, RARE, SLAB OF ONE OF THE WORLDS FINEST, "DESCHUTES JASPER".A SUPREME EXAMPLE OF THE "BEAUTY OF DESCHUTES PICTURE JASPER", IT IS INDEED A THING OF BEAUTY.------------------------------------------- THANKS FOR LOOKING AT MY ITEMS AND GOOD LUCK BIDDING. Please look at my other AUCTIONS and visit my EBAY STORE. MY MAILING ADDRESS IS BILL JONES 91290 Biggs/Rufus Hwy. Wasco, Or. 97065. ----------------------------------------------- I GUARANTEE EVERY ROCK I SELL. If you are ever unhappy with any of my merchandise just email me and I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY AND PAY POSTAGE BOTH WAYS. ------------------------------------------------------------- ... read more