BCR/BCOL/BC Rail HO Scale custom RS-18

This auction is for one custom HO scale RS-18 undecorated in primer paint. This model will is complete for BCR units in the 301-613 class. This is a powered model with a standard Atlas motor. This model is a reworked Atlas RS-36 complete with all the details. The RS-36 model has had major modifications made to transform it into an RS-18. The low nose has been rebuilt using Kaslo RS-18 low nose kit and cab front. The long hood end was replaced with a custom resin long hood end, and the fuel tank was heavily reworked using a custom resin fuel tank. Appropriate grills from custom made frets were added as well as other details from various manufacturers. Kaslo RS-18 pilots have also been added to this model. The original model glass from the RS-36 model is not included and not functional with the new cab front. Lights included with the model are non functional.

Also included is a custom stainless steel fret with appropriate handrail stanchions and other details for a RS-18 locomotive.

Item may only be returned if item is not as described and buyer has contacted seller to make arrangements. Buyer will be responsible for any return shipping costs. Items will be shipped by Canada Post through regular parcel mail at a flat rate of $16.95 to North America. If other Canada Post shipping levels are desired, please contact
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