Beaded Flintknapped Knife ~ Obsidian Blade w/ Beadwork

Handknapped Obsidian Blade

Peyote Stitched Deer Antler Handle

By Lightfoot

Knife Length: 5 1/8" total length . Blade length is 2 1/4+". Braided leather frames the beadwork and one brass bead adorns the fringe off the deer antler handle. Signed by Lightfoot (who is 1/4 Mescalero Apache).

Blade: 2 1/4+". Blade is partly translucent banded black, clear, and Mahogany obsidian. Beautiful. Knapped by Tony Stanfield .

Handle: Peyote stitched (one bead added at a time) with Czech glass seed and true cut beads (size 11) in bone, bronze, black, and translucent green true cuts. Nice tight beadwork on solid comfortable handle. Great little knife!

Item will ship Priority with insurance included included in the shipping fee ~ $8.00

Please email me if you have questions.

Thank you Very Much.

Knife is 1/8 of an inch shorter than I wrote in the listing.