The Bean Deluxe Combo+ Flex 10 All-n-One Exerciser ++++

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The Bean Deluxe Combo+ Flex 10 All-n-One Exerciser ++++

The Bean Deluxe is an all-in-one workout tool that offers the benefits of a stability ball, incline bench and back pain rehab device all rolled into one product. The ultimate exerciser to shape and tone your body The bean deluxe is longer, more comfortable and even more effective. The bean deluxe is perfect for all fitness levels and has an exercise for every part of the body.

The Bean also provides a complete comfort with its Ergonomic S shape that molds to your body. Bubble-top comfort offers total back support. Complete stability allows you to exercise with proper form. The lightweight and portable Bean inflates and deflates in minutes with included pump. The Bean deluxe is made of high grade PVC, puncture resistant vinyl and internal rib cage which makes it incredibly strong. The bean deluxe exercise equipment, works the abs, the stomach, and the mid section. All at the same time working them faster, better and more effectively than most machines at the gym and any other device or machine on the market.

The bean exercise chair uses the rocking motion of the bean to allow you automatically combine three exercises in one: a crunch, a pelvic tilt, and a leg raise. The Bean deluxe exercise ball is an all-in-one workout tool
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