BEANO COMIC No 956 12th Nov 1960

BEANO COMIC No 956 12th November 1960

using the grading guide below this comic is in VG condition

this comic would be in VFN condition if it did not have a long 8" rip down the middle of the front page, this could be repaired with invisible tape but I have left it as it is, no other major faults

M Mint: no defects of any kind; full cover gloss; sharp corners; clean shiny staples, centered at spine; no printing or binding defects. Literally as new. NM Near Mint: no apparent obvious defects; high cover gloss; no fading; covers flat, centered and unworn; spine flat and tight; centered staples; interior pages clean and white. Permissable defects: slight stress by staples; minute corner creases; small binding or printing faults. VFN Very Fine: several minor defects; good cover gloss; minimal surface wear; near flat cover; small corner creasing; very minor corner, edge, or spine wear; slight staple discolouration; up to half and inch (13mm) light cover crease permitted; interior paper may be off-white. FN Fine: no major defects but an accumulation of minor ones, including corner dings, minor creases and light spine wear. VG Very Good: medium general wear; no pieces out (although a small missing corner piece is acceptable); minor tape repair; crosswords and mail coupons filled out. GD Good: complete; readable; badly creased;
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