Bear "Tigercat" Recurve Bow

Listed is a Bear Glass Powered Tigercat Recurve Bow. On the side reads 9BM196 62" 44#.

The bow has three adjustable open sights and a whisker "pararest"

It also says,

US Pat's




"Canada 1953" on the lower limb

As an added bonus I am including 6 cedar arows made for this bow with 2 Hilbre broadheads, 3 field tips and one without any, AND a bow quiver and sring.

These were my Fathers and due to circumstances beyond my control I need to sell every old and unused item I have.

Shipping costs are not written in stone, the length of the item makes it hard to ship and the arrows will be shipped seperately.

As of today 7/2/09 I found the other broadhead and put it on the arrow shaft.

Now t are 3 broadheads.