BEATLES Bass drum head HAND PAINTED replica

it is, I have offered these on occasion but not very often. You see lots of reproduction Beatle drum heads up for auction, most if not all are done with computer generated decals.

THIS one is HAND LETTERED by me personally,a long time professional sign painter (34 years) AND a drummer (40 years) AND a true Beatle fan since 1964 as well. So my interest, skill, experience, and love of the Beatles all goes into each one of these hand painted drum heads. I have taken the original photos and reproduced the layout itself to match EXACTLY every letter, dimension, placement, and detail of the original head. This particular one, a replica of the head used on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, has proven to be my most popular (I've sold over 25 in the past 2 years, each one to VERY satisfied buyers-check my feedback comments)

The original heads were freehand lettered by a sign painter in England for Ringo. Mine are freehand painted EXACTLY as the originals. NO stencils, no screen print, no decals (except for the tiny Weather King logo at the top) and believe me, I am a PERFECTIONIST. I use brand new Remo heads, I remove the existing printed logo, then I hand paint the Beatles logo, and the Ludwig logo just as the original was, then I apply the small original style Weather King decal at the top. I also include a vintage color photo
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