beatles G Harrison 33 1/3 dark horse 8 track tape

open , new mint condition . Rare issue with original box
Please see scan for appropriate codes and catalog information
please feel free to e-mail if any neccessary is nor clearly visible from the scans
"all you need is Love" ; and 10,000 Beatle records
Well I CAN'T sell the love, but I am putting a collection of over TEN THOUSAND ,yes, thats 10,000 Beatle items on ebay!!
Over the next year I will be listing an unprecented collection of Beatle records Including:
Promos, imports from around the world including Japan(over 500!!! items) Italy, Russia, mexico, Spain, Australia, Canada, portugal, Germany,
You name it!
The gem is a parlapohne collection which is amazingly comprehensive
from the early VJ, swan, and other labels to the scarce and obscure post beatle individual efforts
Thousands Of albums, 45's , ep's Boxed sets, tapes, reel to reel , cd's, and every format you can think of
Not to mention Toys, posters, Magazines, Books, thousands of original 1960's trading cards and so much More !
+ studio promos, Dj only items, studio pressings, masters, , inserts and extremelly rare material
The majority of the material is in amazingly high grade condition, bought for quality , and immaculately preserved
Bookmark my auctions as i will be adding a Minmum of
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