Beatles - Let It Be - 1970 Box Set with Get Back Book


The book and box were manufactured in Great Britain and

released to a limited number of countries in 1970

I purchased this set in the mid 1970’s from the late great Joe Pope of the Beatles fanzine “Strawberry Fields”. Although the box set had been out of print for several years already, Joe was able to obtain a small number of them from Venezuela and then sold them through his magazine. When I purchased this set I opened it for inspection and then carefully stored it away in a protective outer plastic sleeve. The original shrink-wrap is still on the box and on the record cover. The set has been well taken care of and is in excellent condition. The record itself has never been played. It is the rare Venezuela issue LP on the Odeon label.

History of the Let It Be deluxe box set:

In 1970 the Beatles released their final album, Let It Be . In addition to the standard releases worldwide, the Let It Be album was also issued in a deluxe box set package in at least a dozen different countries. In some countries it came out initially only in the box set, and then the LP was later issued by itself in the standard jacket. Designed in the U.K., the limited edition set included a 160-page deluxe Get Back book with lots of text and hundreds of color
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