Beatles ORIGINAL '64 Please, Please Me Picture Sleeve

Original 1964 picture sleeve for the 45 rpm record "Please, Please Me" / "From Me To You". Vee Jay VJ-581

This record sleeve was stored with the record in my record case for a few years. It was then removed from the case and put into a scrap book, using rolled scotch tape on the back at the top 2 corners plus one piece on the front bottom middle. Naturally, over time, the tape yellowed and flaked off, leaving faint residue marks in two spots on one side of the jacket and one spot on the other side. You can see the outline of w the record once was, too. Unfortunately, I wrote my name on one side and my name and phone number on the other side.

Please check the scanned images carefully and see for yourself. No rips, bends, etc. Excellent condition for it's age.

Winner pays $6.00 priority mail shipping plus insurance. Good luck!


Please see other Beatles sleeves and Beatles items I have listed. I pulled them out of my old suitcase full of my old Beatles treasures. I screamed with the best of them back then and kept everything from magazines to record sleeves. The records were played to death and are long gone. But everything else is in my suitcase under my bed, waiting to be rediscovered by a new generation! I'll miss them.