Beatles Paul McCartney Hofner Bass & Vintage 1967 Vx Bass Stack Amp Mini Replica

Paul McCartney / The Beatles
Hofner Bass Left-Handed Guitar & Vox Bass Amplifier Miniature Replica
This collectible miniature guitar is a replica of Paul McCartney's Hofner Bass Guitar. This is a miniature 1:4 scale replica model instruments can fit in the palms of your hands - it is approximately 9.5-10" in length and come with a adjustable display stands. They are handcrafted out of solid wood. This replica beautifully displayed the original work of art with great attention to details.
This set of miniature Vox stack amp is carefully handcrafted by talented artists to its amazing details. It's a perfect addition to the miniature guitar display.
Stack Amp measurement: 5.5" X 9" X 3"
These are non-functional ornamental models
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