The Beatles Rag Dolls by Applause! 10" tall RARE!

The Beatles SMALL Rag Dolls by Applause! 10" tall RARE! I bought these at the mall in San Diego about 1974! These are the original black jacket button version. T were reproductions made later that had white jacket buttons. These dolls have the Hard Days Night era Pierre Cardan gray collarless jackets! Comes with a small cardboard drum kit for Ringo to sit behind, and 4 generic dolls stands. The dolls have very small very minor tape residue at top back of jackets, probably would clean off no problem. Yea yea yea come and get em! Paypal only. shipping to US only

These were sold, but I had a non-Payer,(gamble2009) so I have relisted them! So You all Have another shot at em!