Beatles Thermometer 7 1/4" Works Beatles Fan Club

Beatles thermometer. I collected Beatles stuff during the '70's, up until John Lennon died and it got too expensive. Most of what I bought was the '60's stuff that was out when I was a baby and some of it was stuff put out in the '70's (I am one of those people who found The Beatles through Wings). This is one of those strange items that I am not sure of. It is at least 30 years old but whether it is actually a Beatles fan club item I do not know. It is in very good condition with tiny flecks of rust on the sides (very hard to see). The thermometer appears to work fine and the glass is unbroken. The paint on the thermometer is in excellent shape with pictures of the 4 Beatles and their signatures. At the bottom is the band in silhouette and it says "The Official Beatles FAN CLUB". It is also marked "Made in the USA" (now that makes it a collector's item). It is 7 1/4" tall and 2 2/3"wide at its widest. Non-smoking home.