BEATLES UK - Sgt Pepper's ‘Fourth Proof’ Mono LP.

BEATLES UK - Sgt Pepper's ‘Fourth Proof’ Mono LP.

PMC 7027 – Original Blackand Yellow Parlophone label.

An original UK pressing in original condition featuring the rarest known variant of this remarkable record.

This unique variant of this remarkable album features effectively a pre- production sleeve. After the first Three ‘ Proof ’ sleeves, these ‘ Fourth Proof ’ sleeves were passed around at EMI for final agreement. It is believed that only 40 – 50 ‘ Fourth Proof ’ sleeves were ever printed !. As these sleeves were ‘ Proof ’ copies they were NEVER meant to be released to the general public, but a small number of these ‘ Fourth Proof ’ sleeves DID find their way onto the public market !.

These ‘ Fourth Proof ’ sleeves have a number of unique printing differences from the final agreed production sleeves:

1. a ‘ FOURTH PROOF ’ and a ‘ A R ’ and ‘ D 13217 ’ appear printed on the top flipback on the inner gatefold of the sleeve. There is a story about this that the old style of ‘ visual ’ flipbacks were on the way out and that ‘ Sgt Pepper ’ was to feature the new ‘ inner ’ flipback design. It was therefore thought that the above text would NOT be seen !. Apparently the ‘ A R ’ stands for the designers initials and the ‘ D 13217 ’ is the internal catalogue number for the printers of the
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