Beatles Yellow Submarine Cell - Lucy in the Sky

Up for auction is a movie cell from "Yellow Submarine" featuring "Lucy in the Sky".

This cell was acquired in 1985 from Abraham "Abe" Goodman. Mr. Goodman was the production coordinator on the movie. His wife had Alzheimer's and was a patient in the nursing home w the person I'm selling this for was the Nurse Manager in Ocala, FL. He gave this to her during this time.

Just some personal information about the original owner of the cell, Mr. Goodman lived in Silver Spring Shores, FL which is close to Ocala. He was an accountant & held an upper management position in King World Productions and lived in New York before moving to Florida. He had two sons living in New York at that time. One was an attorney and the other was a teacher and wrote textbooks used in the public high school system. Abe had many more cells in a file cabinet and had autographed pictures of the Beatles. Mr. Goodman died around 1990.

The portion of the film w you can see this cell is found between 2:11 and 2:22 on this YouTube video

Thank you for your interest.

Please click the photo for more photos of this cell.

The cell measures 12.5" x 16". It is scotched taped to a piece of cardboard. T appear to be glue marks at each corner on the cardboard under the cell. The cell has a small hole at the bottom center and 2 oval
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