Beatles Yellow Submarine Paul McCartney movie cell cel

This is an original movie cell of Paul from Yellow Submarine. The cell itself is 15 1/2 inches by 12 3/4 inches, and it is professionally framed, the frame is 24 1/2 inches by 21 inches. T is painted lettering reading "B77 Paul turning" in the bottom right corner. T are also the holes for the cel along the bottom, the one hole in the center bottom and two slats as well. The cell itself is in excellent condition, no creases or fold, the only thing I could find wrong is that some of the original paint on Paul's sleeve and a little but from his hand is missing, but this is how it was when I purchased this item. It was purchased five years ago at Record and Tape exchange, Notting Hill, London. T were a few other cells t, but this was the nicest of one of the actual Beatles.

Sorry for some of the glare in the photos, but I tried to capture all the main parts of this item. The framing was done by River Gallery, which has done framing for the Cleveland Museum of Art, and has been displayed in such a way that ALL of the cell can be viewed. This item was never displayed, only framed and then stored in a smoke free, pet free, and temperature regulated environment. It will be professionally packed in a custom box, and will only be sent fully insured. Cost for all shipping, packing, and insurance would be around $24 for the US, and
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