Beauties of the Red Mansion" Collector Plates

Artisans and craftsmen of Imperial Jingdezhen Porcelain, working under the kindly Patronage and guidance of China National Arts and Crafts, present "Beauties of the Red Mansion" collection of limited-edition plates by Master Artisan Zhao Huimin. Produced in the People's Republic of China, these plates have been limited to a period rigidly confined to 115 firing days beginning in the year 1985.

Included in this set are: Pao-Chai, Yuan-Chun, Hsi-Feng, Hsi-Chun, Miao-Yu, Ying-Chun, Tai-Yu, Li-Wan, Ko-Ching, Hsiang-Yun, Tan-Chun, and Chiao-Chieh.

These plates have never been displayed and have been stored in their original boxes. A Certificate of Authenticity and descriptive are included with each plate. Beautiful! Thanks for looking!