Beautiful 130 lb. ARM & HAMMER Blacksmith Anvil WOW !!

Matchlessantiques is offering collectors and smiths the "ROLLS ROYCE" of Blacksmith Anvils. It's a Beautiful 130 lb. Arm & Hammer Blacksmith Anvil. is a quality anvil you will really like. Hay Budden may be the Cadillac of anvils, but the Arm & Hammer anvils are truely the Rolls Royce of American made blacksmith anvils. Made by Columbus Anvil and Forging Company of Columbus, Ohio., this Arm & Hammer features a clean face and horn. It has a forged wrought iron top with a Tool Steel face plate. It has the customary Cast Steel base with an oval depression. The trademark is an "Arm Holding A Raised Hammer" and reads: "ARM AND HAMMER, WROUGHT IRON", and the weight stamp "130" is below the trademark. The serial number stamped on the front foot "29113" tells us that this anvil was manufactured in 1917 or 1918. Pictures say a thousand words, so take a real close look at the pictures.

Columbus Anvil and Forging Company produced less than 52,000 Arm & Hammer anvils while in business. Compared to over 300,000 that Hay Budden produced, Arm & Hammers are much harder to find, especially larger ones. According to Richard Postman, "the Arm and Hammer anvil was undoubtedly one of the finest wrought anvils ever manufactured anyw" He goes on to say that the condition of the Arm & Hammer anvil's face plates faired better
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