BEAUTIFUL 1940 Philco radio 40-190xf - reconditioned!

You are looking at a beautifully reconditioned Philco console radio from 1940.

This is model 40-190xf.

This plays beautifully!! (It is before my time and I think this sounds better than half of the stereos out t!!!)

This Philco's cabinet was refinished and it shines beautifully.

According to the Philco website, this is considered the Art Deco "skyscraper" cabinet.

T were 39,769 of these radios made and they originally sold for $89.95!

This radio picks up the stations and it picks up the shortwave stations just perfectly!

The grille cloth two small areas w it is a little torn, but it wasn't bad enough to remove the original cloth to replace with a new cloth.

This is a plug and go radio! It needs absolutely nothing!

My reserve is set at $175.00 which is way less than its' value now. If for some reason it doesn't meet reserve, I may offer it to the highest bidder. If I do a second chance offer, I will always include my phone number so that you can verify the authenticity of the offer.

Due to the size and age of this radio, it is a pick up only item. I cannot and will not ship it. I can personally deliver it with my van for $1 per mile from zipcode 18042.

You are more than welcome to come and see and listen to the radio!

It is
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