Beautiful Abstract Mola Kuna Patchwork Quilt

I stumbled upon the mola as an art form in New York City at the end of 2007 and fell in love. I have since then become a mola addict like many others, especially in Europe, scandinavia, Japan and North America. Recognized as ethnographic art of enormous vitality and creativity, molas are collected in such museums as the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin, The Smithsonian Institute, The Fowler Museum at UCLA, The British Museum in London, Le Musee de L'homme in Paris and many others.
I decided to go to Panama and visit the San Blas Islands and began my mola collection. I will sell some of my collection on eBay so that I could fly back for more. I collect from two sources: directly from the Kuna ladies on the San Blas Islands and from Flory Saltzman who owns the largest and most diverse mola collection in the world. Her collection includes thousands of old and antique molas 10 to 50 years of age. These have become rare and highly collectible as the entire art of mola making is waning: the younger generation of Kuna women have lost interest in sewing molas and in wearing them. Molas will become almost extinct within 20 years! This is why molas sell now for up to 600$ and I have also seen molas that sell for thousands. Besides their artistic value molas will appreciate in value over the years!
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