Beautiful antique carved shell cameo Victorian sterling

This cameo is incredibly well carved. I just had to take a lot of pictures so that you can see the details. The pierced ear and earring. (This was fashionable in mid-Victorian times) The earring, the flower. The lines and holes of the ringlets. When the carving is seen from the reverse, the individual ringlets even show. The facial features a beautiful. The depth of carving is about 1/2" and the brooch measures 1 1/4" x 1".This is white shell, but needs some cleaning. The cost of shipping includes insurance and tracking number. The price for Canada, U.S., Great Britain, Western Europe, Australia, is $12.50 For other areas such as Russian Republic, Japan and other Asian and Eastern European Countries the cost is an extra $3.00


Any small 'spots' on this cameo can be washed off.

Thanks to the email I received yesterday, (below I hope) I've added 3 more pictures with the markings on the nose washed off. Also washing with a non abrasive gentle soap is fine. Water is fine, it was after all an ocean, or a sea with salt water for some time. But apparantely not the Dead Sea because the salt content is too high for the kind of creature and his home to survive in...any experts out t? correct me if I'm wrong please. But I don't recommend washing it with salt.
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