Beautiful Antique Dagger/Horn Bird handle, 19th C.

Beautiful Antique Dagger/Horn Bird handle, 19th C.

Product Description :

Beautiful Antique Dagger/Horn Bird handle, 19th C.

BLADE IS 12.5 ", OVERALL IS 19 "






is the story behind all of my antique pieces:

My father-in-law works as a contractor for a Real Estate company. He cleans houses before open house begins. During cleaning out of several old houses in upstate, New York he discovered lots of things that were left behind: boxes with old clothing, furniture and all kind of antiques which included swords, medals, paintings etc. Some of them seemed very interesting so my father-in-law kept a few, while others were put into a dumpster. I liked the idea of selling them on EBay and will be listing them one by one within the next few months. Some of the items had paper description attached while others had nothing. We will use these descriptions in our listings.

We donâe(tm)t know anything about antiques, so please excuse our explanation.

All the items will be listed with very small starting bid and no reserve; we just want to sell them and will let the bidders put the value on them with their bids

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