BEAUTIFUL Antique Smoking Lamp

This is BEAUTIFUL old lamp that has been in my family for four generations! I used the lamp for several years for it's origional function as well as a conversation piece. I've had many offers to sell the lamp and just never had the heart. It has been in storage for the last few years due to my expanding family.

It is pink/white swirl glass with chrome accents. T are two ashtrays, a holder for your cigarettes and a lighter that becomes hot when you tilt it- that's right it still works. As far as the lamp is concerned the top part and middle section still lights up as well. T are no chips that I am aware of and all of the electric is the origional. It has been used so t is a small amount of ware on the ashtrays and lighter.

You can email me with questions or if you would like more pictures- Happy Bidding!