Another nice Basket!

Last year I purchased one of these antiques in Tennessee for my wife to varnish and decorate. Her masterpiece now hangs on a large wall space in our country home. We recently invested in a whole barn full of these and are selling them on eBay and at area craft shows. The dimensions of the baskets are approximately 40"X40" square and about 3 to 4 inches deep. The wood used is split oak arranged in weaved slats. They are relatively light weight, about 14 lbs. but extremely strong. In their day tobacco farmers were able to use them to hold as much as 600 lbs. of tobacco in a single basket with the leaves sometimes stacked to over six feet high!

The basket is labeled "Fayetteville TENN" and stamped with a unique number/letter identifier along the outside corners on a yellow and black background.

Recently the Pottery Barn catalog featured a tobacco basket as a wall decoration in one of their layouts. Southern Living magazine has also featured interiors with tobacco baskets. Whether you display them as-is, varnish or paint them, or decorate them with dried flowers, etc. they provide a great focal point to any room. Since my wife's first project turned out so well, she's hand painted another and has suspended it from the ceiling in the corner of our daughters bedroom. It's made a great storage
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