Beautiful! Columbine Basket Vase 367-10", Roseville

Beautiful! Columbine Basket Vase 367-10", Roseville
This Roseville Basket Vase #367-10 in the Sand Brown color is a truly beautiful and unique vase with its arching handle. Most Columbine pieces are traditional in their style, but a few pieces, such as this vase, are mildly indicative of the Art Deco era in which they were produced; note the angular shape on the handle. The Columbine flower is a gorgeous blue, amidst green leaves on a sand brown body that flows into a neat green base. In some parts, the green has sort of a verdigris quality.
* Widest part of arching handle: 9 1/2"
* Height: 10 1/2âe
Grade and Condition:
The grade is excellent as indicated by the crisp mold and sharp colors; it is simply a fantastic example of the quality of pottery produced by Roseville mid-century. The condition is excellent, too, with no cracks, chips, hairlines, crazing, or repairs. T is an almost imperceptible flake-type nick w the base meets the counter surface; it measures 1/16" x 1/8". I never noticed it until I took these pictures, and even then it is hard to see in the full-size pictures. The inside of the vase is very clean.
The pictures adequately represent this basket vase, and I've included tags in the pictures for a frame of reference. I don't have a tag on Image
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