Beautiful Copper Enamel Wine Pot, Early Qing Dynasty

This is a truly beautiful Chinese copper enamel wine pot from the early Qing period, perhaps Kangxi or Yongzheng. The wine pot is elegantly shaped with a six-lobed body and is attached with a tall slender handle and a beautiful curved spout. Each lobe of the pot is decorated in vivid enamels with a respective unique panel of flowers and flying butterflies and honey bee in beautiful gardens. The reserve space is further painted with various key-fret patterns, scrolls and small ruyi panels with flowers. The flat base inside the short foot rim is elaborately painted with an insect perching on branches of melons and strawberry over a pure white background. The thin handle is painted with flower panels reserved in a red scroll ground. The spout is painted with a fierce dragon head with a widely open mouth. The cover has a loop handle and the enamel on the cover have mostly lost. This beautiful and rare copper enamel wine pot has suffered some enamel lost and repair to the base of the handle as photographed. Other than the enamel loss and the minor restoration, the wine pot retains its original glamor with superb enameling and wonderful shape. Size: height: 19.5cm; body diameter:10.6cm

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