Hi, I'm Hew. I have enjoyed collecting flow blue, polychrome and transferware since 1970. Alas, it is now necessary for me to simplify life, downsize and make a portion of my collection available to others. I have also placed several pieces in my antique shop booth. My first preference is to sell to my fellow eBayers, so please let me know ASAP if I need to retrieve this piece for you. Cheers!

This is a beautiful flow blue transfer handled porcelain Staffordshire plate, made by an unidentified pottery, c mid1800s. The plate is 9" diameter handle to handle. The lovely floral pattern is also undentified. The under-glaze flow blue transfer contrasts nicely against the white background, and the porcelain body lends a nice touch of translucency. The rim is very interesting in that it has a ten sided configuration with the intricately embossed handles subtly representing two of the opposing sides. The bottom of the dish is unmarked.

This dish is free of cracks, flakes, chips and repairs. T are some minor pre-firing underglaze inclusions, which do not detract. The dish exhibits a very healthy and solid ring when tapped.

I have collected flow blue and polychrome since 1970, and I have found this piece to be especially versatile and to display nicely.

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