Beautiful Friedrich Mauthe Clock: Outstanding Condtion!

Beautiful Friedrich Mauthe Clock

Mauthe started as a general supplier for clockmakers tools and equipment and accepted clocks on a barter system. As the demand for clocks grew, Mauthe started his own manufacturing enterprise in 1876. His sons Christian and Jacob joined the family enterprise in 1876. In 1886 the Mauthe factory started her own spring drawing facilities. In 1899 a case factory was added, by 1900, 1000 employees were on the payroll. In 1915 Mauthe added their own sawmill and milling shop. In 1923 the year of inflation made competition for Mauthe tough. In 1930 2000 workers produced 45,000 clocks and watches a week. By 1923, 60% German clocks exported to London were Mauthe. In 1970, Mauthe struggled for survival, in 1975 the company was in receivership and forced to close in 1976.

I am not certain of the vintage on this: I've seen folks claim it to be 1930's, others place it in the 40's to 60's. I did have a look at the mechanism, it is an earlier one with a solid anchor on the escapement instead of the later strip pallet. Entire movement is brass, was later movements used plastic in the motion works. The chime block is heavier than that found on later models. It's the bigger block that give these clocks the sweet lingering resonance after the chimes have struck. Probably the nicest chimes I've heard in a
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