Beautiful Full Bloom Flower Marble by John Kobuki

The master is at it again! Coming to you from super Seattle (or Japan, or wver else John is traveling around to teach classes and blow glass) is a wet mint, beautiful Flower marble from John Kobuki. This is a gorgeous example of John's skillz with flowers inside of marbles.

This particular marble is a dazzlingly sweet green, yellow and white flower, made of hard borosilicate glass. I asked John to make me some of his more complex flowers with LOTS of gorgeous petals, and he NAILED it with this one. A process of 'imploding' the color in the clear glass disc produces the flower - however, very few artists like Kobuki are patient and skilled enough to fill the entire marble with the flower, and this is an incredible example. If you don't have one of John's amazing flowers in your collection, or one this nice, then ooooooh yeah - you NEED one. Or 10. Woohooo!

Like EVERY marble John makes, this marble is, you guessed it, exceptional and flawless. Astoundingly, every marble John makes is a master work of perfection. His attention to detail in the construction of his flowers and design elements is unmatched. John was the first to aggressively market his flower marbles, and perfected the implosion techniques used to make them, and every artist since then has been trying to catch up to him. All have failed, and John has thus
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