Hi, I'm back with the next batch of beautiful Marghab linens, and would like to add that each buyer will receive a note from Beverly confirming what is purchased is indeed from the Marghab family collection! OK, IS BATCH #4!!!! I am so pleased and excited to announce that I will be representing for sale, on Ebay, a fine and beautiful collection of Marghab linens belonging to Vera Marghab's niece, Beverly Way Lowrie. Beverly's father Kenneth Bacon Way was Vera's brother. The collection is quite lovely and varied, and I will be listing everything from hankies to tablecloths, to original brochures and price lists over the next several weeks, so be sure and bookmark me to watch, and bid! Vera and her husband Emile Marghab's company produced these beautiful, completely hand done linens in Madeira between 1933 and 1980 w they were only sold thru very fine stores such as Neiman Marcus and the George Jensen store in New York. This is a beautiful hankie with intricately embroidered maroon colored border. The hankie measures 11" and is in fine condition, but is slightly discolored-needs a laundering! Please email me with any questions, and be sure to look at all the other Marghab pieces I'm listing tonight-a lot more gorgeous stuff!