Beautiful "RADIOPTICON" Antique Projector

This is a beautiful antique projector. It is a RADIOPTICON brand, and dates from about 1920. This item has been well maintained, and still works well. Included are two antique light bulbs which still work!! The electric cord has to be screwed into a light bulb socket, but functions well. The projector will show slides, postcards, photographs, and any other visual material which can fit into the two holders. The quality of the lenses, and tfore the projected image is superb. T is very little indication of wear for an item of this age, and it displays extremely well, as it did in my collection for the last twenty years. This is a superb example of early 20th century projectors. Please feel free to ask questions if you are interested. I am liquidating my collection of visual devices in order to downsize my life. The price has been reduced for a quick sale.5/13