Beautiful Repro Okito Bowl of Gobi - Gorgeous Fooler!

Okito Bowl of Gobi Beautiful Reproduction From Joe Stevens
I'm not sure who actually made this, but I do know it was a reproduction commissioned by Joe Stevens many years ago. The workmanship is outstanding and, quite frankly, equal to Okito's, having owned several of both myself. The effect is a real fooler.
The magician shows a small chest filled with confetti, along with a beautiful gleaming copper bowl. The bowl may be examined by a member of the audience, if desired. It is filled to overflowing with confetti from the chest. Stepping away from everything, the performer levels off the excess and then covers the bowl with a cloth. He utters his magic word and then whisks the cloth away to reveal the confetti has changed to crystal clear water!
The water may be poured into a container and the bowl, again, examined by any member of the audience. It is a beautiful effect and the work is done long before the effect happens.
The beautiful copper bowl is nearly 8" in diameter. The chest is all wood and red with gold Oriental decals applied. These are not Okito decals, so don't misunderstand, however, they are gorgeous and similiar to, if not exactly the same as, Worth Magic (the original Milson/Worth) to decorate his Drawer Box, Silk Frame and Silk Cabby. The apparatus is exquisite.
In beautiful condition, not mint
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