Beautiful Ruby Red Glass Fenton Bell - unmarked

is a beautiful Fenton bell in ruby red glass for auction from my mom's estate. It stands 6.75" tall and 3.5" across the bottom. The clapper is a clear round glass sp on a silver-look chain. Very delicate. This bell has no cracks or chips and has never been repaired. I would say "mint" condition, but I am no expert appraiser; just an amateur appreciater. It may not meet collector-standard "mint" qualifications. I do not know what year this was made. I am sure in the 70's or 80's because that is when my mom and I were making our annual visits and tours of the Fenton factory. T are 4 medallion impressions around the body of the bell with a flower sprig under each medallion. The same flower with leaves winds its way up the handle, also. I cannot identify the flower. It looks like a rose to me. The medallions have no other designs inside of them. I have not found this bell in any of my Fenton reference books, but the pattern is similar to the madonna bell medallion. T are no markings on the bell, but I suspect that it was a sticker label that fell off years ago.

If you have questions, please email me several hours (or days) before the auction ends. I try to check the computer a couple times a day. And I still have dial up service, so a last minute response is almost impossible. We are cleaning our closets, so I am not accepting
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