Beautiful Standard Model A Disc Phonograph

Up for bid is a Standard Model A Disc Phonograph. The 'Standard' brand of phonographs were manufactured by the Columbia Phonograph Co., but were not distributed through them. A unique feature about the Standard Phonograph's are that they were originally made to play only special Standard records, which have a 1/2inch diameter spindle hole. However, with a reproduction accessory turntable (one is included with this machine), any regular 78 rpm record can be played. This machine, dating from around 1907, has been completely restored and is all ready to go.

The oak cabinet is in excellent condition. It retains its original finish and has been recently polished. The orginal red decal is still very bright and vivid. The case measures 11 x 11 x 5.5 inches.

This machine also functions well mechanically. The motor has been oiled and cleaned and runs well, although does make some noise, which is typical of this style of motor. All exterior nickel-plated metal parts have been polished and look great. The reproducer has been rebuilt with new gaskets. As mentioned above, a reproduction accessory turntable is included so that you can play regular 78s on this phonograph. The original turntable, with the 1/2 inch spindle, is included as well, and has received new felt.

The most remarkable aspect of this phonograph is
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