Beautiful/Unusual Sterling Jewelry Lot (26) Ship $4.80

T are 26 pieces in this lot if I counted correctly, earrings count as one. T are 5 rings, I would say women's . 3 bracelets, one X and hearts, one suns, one with a black lucite or similar center set. The watch band is approx. 40.5 g., very ornate, approx. 6 1/2" long, 1/2" wide. It is gorgeous. Earrings are chunky turquoise, a bit of difference in the two and hand done. At the top of the stand, a lovely pair of Thai sterling marcasite, they did not photo well but are stunning, full of glitz. The other two pair go with the matching brooches, these are the dancer demis, one with blue inlaid stone (lapis? I don't know) and the other solid sterling. Both of these sets are fairly heavy and marked. The pieces I know to be newer are the initials on the small white cards, these are for wver one wants to put a stud. T are 6 of them, backs have bar codes and $5.95 marks I think, but new in any event. T are 2 S initials, 1 L, 1 E, 1 F, 1 G. The rest are pendant/ necklaces, one heavy chain, unisex. The wide flat braid is a beauty and although I have had several of the bird fetish strands in the past, I have never seen one like the one in the photos. I find no mark, when I got it, I was told it was tribal and silver, I believe that to be true. It is unusual and nicely done. It wears well with other fetish types, colored styles. Most of the pieces ... read more