Beautiful White Dressed Santa Claus/Father Christmas

Yard, tag and estate sales have ended, so my buying sprees have pretty much come to an end. Now however, Tis The Season, which means, with a large family, t will be lots of new things to keep, cherish and most of all, find a place to put them. My plans for one new thing in, one old thing out, has worked very well. I would like to say the older I get, the wiser I get, but what it boils down too, is as much as I love "my clutter" I hate the dusting and washing with every table top, shelf and cupboard looking like a free for all at the local fleamarket. Every year I promise myself that I will not buy one more Christmas ornament or article but of course something always catches my eye. I hope you now see something you just "have" to have. and help me stay with my 1 in and 1 out plan. Thanks to all who have helped me and continue to help me to "declutter" and a Happy Holiday season to all.

Little did I know how many different Santa's I would find when I first started collecting them. Now is the time to downsize and "fine tune" my collection. I hope one of my Santa's will start you collecting or that one wil be a new addition to your growing collection. I'm not sure of the material he looks like some sort of stiffened cloth. He is dress all in white with a gold belt. He carries a staff in one hand and the basket slung on his back
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