Beautifull collection of 4 Breadford Exchange plates

This is a beautifull collection of four reptangler shape plates by LEE KROMSCHROEDER Bradeford Exchange collections. It also has it's own shelf included with the plates. all done in wood.

1995 plates

1-as the eagle soars #637A

2-and the oreas glide through the sound #6341A

3-the light of the breaking dawn awakens #5064A

4- a new day #8512A

plus it has a booklet about the artist. each plate measures 6 1/4" x 8 1/2"

this is just stunning.

U.S. shipping only. I would purchase insurance on this when shipped.if I were you.

Because I am not responsible for items once I drop them off at the post office. I will give you tracking number then it is all your responsibilty. I am not responsible for any damaged item. I package everthing well so items won't break.