Bedini 150 MKII with Model 66 Pre amp

Bedini Model 150 MK II Amp with Bedini Model 66 Pre Amp
Bedini Model 150 MK II Amp is non functioning, it was rebuilt in 1994.
The power switch is problematic, no blown fuses so it is possible that it is the power switch.
Bedini Model 66 Pre Amp works. It looks like the RCA connection jacks were replaced
and they are old and don't have a clean connection.
These can be rebuilt directly by Bedini. Check their website for pricing and info.
Both units are sold as is with no refunds and no returns accepted.
These should be rebuilt by Bedini to maintain their original specs and they would have a Bedini warranty as well.
These will be shipped UPS ground.
More photos - /~walter/Bedini/index.html

Sorry the phone number listed on the Bedini website is disconnected and it seems they are no longer in business. These would need to be serviced by an electronics repair shop.