Beer Pong Table Cover - DOUBLE ORDER

This is a Brand New Beer Pong (Beirut) Table Cover (as seen on ) . To avoid any confusion, this is not a Table, this is a Table Cover. You will need an 8 foot table or put a couple of tables together and cover it with this Table Cover.

Tired of getting splinters, borrowing your buddies truck, and hauling your 30Lb, 8 foot table (fold up if your lucky, but spent over $100) to your Beer Pong Party? Use this Brand New Beer Pong (Beirut) Table Cover that is extremely portable, waterproof, and customizable .

The center of the design comes absent of any unattractive corporate logos to allow you to customize it via decals or stickers . If you are near a campus store, they sell stickers and you can place them on this table cover to make it look like an officially sponsored table. Today's Stickers and decals are extremely adhesive and waterproof.

This Table Cover is a regulation length, 8 feet long by 2 feet wide . Overall size is 9'x4.5'. When you're done playing this folds up and weighs only ounces.

The triangle and Cup designs were carefully calibrated to fit ALL 16 oz cups .

This will also completely protect any table from spillage and water damages. The top of the table cover is made of a lightweight plastic (waterproof), and the bottom is made of flannel to keep the table cover from slipping. Ping
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