Behringer Tube Composer - T1952 - Compressor / Limiter

Behringer Tube Composer T1952.
Features Interactive Tube version of "industry standard" compressor-expander-gate Fully automatic and manual compression, expander/gate, clipper, and program limiter functions Innovative Interactive Knee Adaption circuit gives you the best of Hard- and Soft-Knee compression in a single dynamic process Patented "Ultra-Tube" circuitry warms up your signal without bringing in unwanted noise, hum, or hiss "Warmth" control lets you dial in as much tube sound as your want Tube Composer features Sovtek tubes, large backlit analog VU meters and a "Retro" design with polished chrome front panel and vintage look Interactive Ratio Control Expander/Gate lets you make incredibly "natural" fades to silence and eliminates "chattering" Dual-action Interactive Gain Control Peak Limiter circuit provides both instantaneous "brickwall" limiting and reduces overall output level to avoid distortion "Intelligent" Auto and Manual Attack and Release compression Switchable true Stereo or Dual Mono operation and switchable +4 dBu/-10 dBv operating levels for the widest variety of applications Servo-balanced XLR and TRS inputs and outputs Special relay-controlled hard bypass prevents accidental "thumps in the night" in case of accidental power-down
Great unit in excellent working order. No Scrapes or scratches. Looks
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