More effects than I can list....All this can be controlled by Midi Changes....Live it is a really nice effects pedal for changing Voice presets live......Super Corus for the Corus and Verb/Delay for the Verse what ever you wanna do....99 factory presets and 99 User designed taylor the effect just the way you want it....................You get it !!!!
Compressors / Delays / Reverbs / Flangers / EQ's / Drive all TRUE Stereo all 24BIT processing.......LIVE
All effects are Chainable and editable....Gain / Threshold / Release / Attack
24 BIT processing in the recording studio or Just use it for your practice time with the guys....What ever you need it to do it can handle it......... Comes with a manual.....
VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P High-Performance 24-Bit Multi-Engine Effects Processor 71 breathtaking new algorithms—unbelievable true stereo effects Wave-adaptive Virtual Room reverb algorithms for natural reverb and delay Awesome modulation, dynamic, psychoacoustic and EQ algorithms Authentic amp simulation, distortion and special effects 11 effect combinations with selectable serial / parallel configuration Up to 7 adjustable parameters plus 2-band EQ per effect 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with 64/128-times oversampling True stereo processing for realistic channel separation in stereo image 100 factory
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