Behringer XENYX 502 5-Channel Compact Audio Mixer

Take control of your mix and stay on budget, too, with the Behringer XENYX 502. The three-channel XENYX 502 gives personal studio owners, bedroom musicians, and live-sound techs a straightforward setup for controlling your sound. You get a built-in mic pre, "British" 2-band EQ, and CD/tape I/O, all in a compact, lightweight, rugged enclosure. For under 50 bucks, you just can't beat what this compact mixer can do.

Sometimes, all you really need is a single mic preamp and a couple inputs for stereo sources. When you just need a couple channels and you don't want to drag a bigger mixer around, the Behringer XENYX 502 will be quite handy. In addition to a XENYX microphone preamplifier, this streamlined mixer sports two stereo channels with dual 1/4-inch inputs, CD/tape inputs and outputs with RCA connections, and two 1/4" outputs for sending your mix to monitors or your favorite sound system. For routing flexibility, you get main mix, stereo CD/tape, plus separate headphone outputs, along with assignable CD/tape inputs.

To add dimension to your tone, you can sweep your sound with the warm and musical qualities of neo-classic "British"-style 2-band EQ on channel 1. Easy to use, the low-noise, high-headroom XENYX 502 mixer is ideal for small live sound setups where you're running an announcement mic and playing back music.
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