Bell Cube MOD 3x3x3 Fused Rubik Cube Twist Puzzle Black

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Bell Cube Rubiks Cube -The latest trends in Speedcubing
BellCube are highly regarded by most cubers for their excellent ability to speedcubing. They also tend to pop less and have smoother turning than Type A cubes. They have been gaining in popularity recently, and are available in many different colors. The general consensus is that BellCube are one of the better cubes available on the market, and are recommended for speedcubing.

This is Bell MOD cube.

Item Details Model number BL19
Manufacturer BellCube
Size 5.7CM*5.7CM*15CM What You get
1 piece
Weight per Lot 250g Payment Please contact us within 3 days of winning an auction to let us know your payment method. Payment is expected within 10 days. If you are biding more than one item, you may pay when all the biding items finished. We may combine all your won items in one invoice including discount . If you buy more than one item , the combine shipping discount is 0.70GBP off per additional item. We just accept PayPal Now. For fastest service, we accept the following payment types through PayPal: Shipping The packing and posting fee includes packing, warehouse and distribution
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