This is a Bell System dial desk set or Candlestick type telephone made by Western Electric. Year unknown. Patent date is Jan. 14, 1913. This set appears to have all of its original EXTERIOR components which include a bakelite capsule handset and mouthpiece, # 4 type dial, brown felt covered base plate, and brass tag on transmitter face. Property of American Tel. & Tel. Co., 323, and USA patent date. The transmitter neck is NOT the real old type, but the later one. The number on it is not ledgeable. T is no damage to the bakelite parts. The red numbers on the dial face are somewhat faded. The dial rotates smoothly with a loud pulsing sound. Both cords are brown cloth replacements with a modular plug on the mounting cord. The transmitter/receiver components are modern. The switch-hook works normally. Dial plate reads MOntrose 4-9431.

NOTE: Untested..Sold AS-IS.

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