BELLA'S Charm Bracelet - Edward and Jacob - TWILIGHT


Bella's Charm Bracelet
as seen in Eclipse

This bracelet was handmade by myself and my daughter who is the ultimate twilight fan!!!! After looking at the official website we decided to make our very own fan version of the bracelet Description: First, is a gorgeous copper brownish red wolf charm, to represent Jacob
The color is like the actual wood carving in the book : red/brown It is made out of high quality copper and it is guaranteed to be long lasting unlike wood which can warp and discolor. It's much more sturdy and weatherproof .
It has details on BOTH sides 3D
The small details are amazing, just as described in the book:
from Eclipse: "Fastened to one of the links of the silver bracelet was a tiny wooden carving.
I held it between my fingers to look at it closer
It was amazing the amount of detail involved in the little figurine--the miniature wolf was utterly realistic ."
"Stephanie Meyer" Next on the bracelet is a gorgeous large 14mm Swarovski Crystal Heart to represent Edward
(not a small 10mm like many sellers have on E-bay) Our crystal heart is cut beautifully into several facets It's crystal clear like the actual one in the book Much more beautiful in person (could not get good close up pictures) from
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