Belleek Diamond Biscuit Jar - Rare Gilded & Painted Version 6th Green Mark Black

Belleek Diamond Biscuit (Cookie) Jar - Rare Gilded and Painted Version
Belleek cookie jar (cookies are called "biscuits" in the UK) in the Diamond pattern. This is a very rare finish that hardly ever comes up for sale, and when it does there's usually damage, such as a broken handle. Not only is the pattern gilded all over, each indentation of the diamond pattern is painted with different colored dots. Obviously this was very time consuming and exacting to produce, and so only a few examples a year come up for sale. Unlike most, this one is in perfect condition.
Vintage Sixth mark period (1965-80).
Stands approximately 7 1/2" tall, including finial handle.
Undamaged condition.
I have been asked if there is "black paint" around the rim in the gold on this piece. This is the result of reflection of what was around the piece when photographed and the limitations of digital photography. In reality it appears as gold only, as it was painted at the Belleek pottery, and as you would expect it to appear. No "black paint", and no appearance of black anywhere around the piece.
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