BEM no.1 very rare fanzine 1973 British Fandom CC Beck Conan E-Man Avengers

Listing more comics and fanzines from my extensive collection built up over the years

BEM (Bemusing) no.1, 17th Nov 1973 - the very first issue of Martin Lock's famous 1970s comics fanzine

Original cover of Creatures on the Loose no.27, Avengers no.119, Marvel Spotlight no.13, Adventure Comics no.430, Plop no.2 Cover repro's

Another very rare high quality British Comics Fanzine

Rarity: Print run of 100

Condition: VG- tear in cover

Full contents:

"Leading Article: Burnt Any Good Books Lately?" Media interest in comics and comic collecting opinion feature by Martin Lock 2pg, "Have C.C. Beck & National parted company?" news feature with C.C. Beck "statement" issued at the Cleveland Comic Art Convention 1pg, Savage Tales featuring Conan no.3 review 1pg, "Emlock Tale-Enders" comic review feature 2pg, "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Comic Pricing" very generalised comic values feature 1pg, Strange Sports Stories no.2 review, Astonishing Tales no.21 review, E-Man no.1 review 1pg, Limited Collector's Edition C-23 House Of Mystery review 1pg
"My thanks... to Alan Austin, Frank Dobson & Richard Burton"

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