The Ben Hogan Official Collection 3 DVD Golf Set NEW

The Ben Hogan Collection

With Analysis by World Renowned Teaching Professional Jim McLean

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Called "a private lesson from one of the greatest golfers ever known," this three-DVD plus CD set reveals newly discovered footage of Ben Hogan golf swings. DVD 1: The Ben Hogan Legacy - Features insights, anecdotes and never before heard stories. DVD 2: The Swing Revealed 1 - Features in-depth analysis of Ben Hogan's swing by Jim McLean.DVD 3: The Swing Revealed 2 - Jim McLean breaks down and reviews 12 Hogan golf swings that have never been analyzed before. CD: The Swing Interactive - This CD features SportsPlayer� technology, which allows you to control the speed of several Ben Hogan swings on your own computer.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy more than 3 1/2 full hours of timeless instruction featuring the game�s most cherished name.

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